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Happy fast tip Wednesday dolls! We hope all of you are making it through the week OK, and we are here to bring you your mid-week break up with our fast tip!

This week we are telling you to dress up your outfits with pearls! Pearls are oftentimes thought of as matron like, or costume jewelry, we totally disagree. We love pearls as an everyday accessory. Our favorite type of pearls are layered pearl necklaces.

The above photo of the wonderful Coco Chanel, shows her rocking a little black dress with multiple strands of pearls. We love how you can take a classic one colored dress and break it up with the necklaces. Not only does it help in terms of accessorizing, but when you add the different strands of different length, you are adding dimension to your look. You can also play with larger sized pearls and smaller sizes for your layered affect.

Our second favorite way to wear pearls are with blouses or tees. A lot of times we are scared to pair more casual looks with someone as sophisticated as pearls, but it helps give your outfit a more polished look. I personally enjoying wearing a pearly necklace with my Hell Bunny Retro Top, a pair of shorts, and chucks. It is a fun way for me to take my laid back look to a more feminine level.

Another way you can wear your pearls are with jeans. I am sure many of you rock jean items, whether it be jean pants, jackets, or tops, most people own some sort of denim. By adding either a pearl bracelet or necklace you are able to turn your outfit into something that can be worn for an evening dinner date. The whole purpose behind using pearls is to make your outfit seem more put together and classy. It is an easy way to make a look that can be seen as too laid back to casual chic.

Our final way to wear pearls are as everyday stud earrings. Our buyer Rachel wears a pair of stud pearl earrings everyday to the office. She makes the look effortless. Every outfit that she wears they match with- which can we say, wearing gym clothes and wearing pearl earrings may not seem like it goes, but she makes it work somehow. If you are not sure if you want to start pairing pearl necklaces with everything, you can always start small with pearl earrings.

Take a chance this week, bust out those faux pearls you have and try and wear them in a new way. Be sure to send us some pictures on Instagram or Twitter if you do! We love to see you using our tips!

With Love,

Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing