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This week we decided we wanted to do a post on vintage living, it is something many of you already take part in. Vintage living comes in many forms, it can be the way you dress, how you present yourself, or how you keep your house. Here at Vintage Revolution, we try to give you the total package, touching on everything. For this week’s post we wanted to bring it back inside your homes!

For many of you living in the United States, it is that time of the year where the kids start going back to school and you have the house to yourself (for some of you). It is a great time to clean up and add some new items to your interior design collection and perhaps send some tired pieces to their final resting place.

While vintage pieces are our favorite, for some people it may not be as practical for usage issues. Again, women who have children know that you need items that will stand the test of time and rough housing kids. We wanted to give you some ideas on how you could do this on an affordable budget. We looked at Ikea, Target, and Etsy.

We really like Ikea because they offer affordable options, ship worldwide, and carry a variety of items. Depending on which era you really love, you can find an accent piece that will meet your design desires.

For those of you who enjoy more of the 60’s mod look, we love this ceiling light. You can use this in your kitchen or over a dining table. This is the Fillsta Pendant lamp from Ikea, coming in at $39.99. This is one of the few items NOT sold online, so you would have to check with your local Ikea to see if it is available near you.

We also really love this lighting panel, also from Ikea, called the Gyllen. This panel comes in at $20! They offer the panels in multiple colors, you can use this as both a wall accent piece as well as for lighting. We love the white on clear over a dark painted wall.

Target.com has some great storage ottomans that we are huge fans of! We love these because they are offered in a variety of prints and colors. While the price comes in from $189-$299, we know these are versatile pieces that can be moved around the house. I know that one of our JBR dolls in the office uses her’s in her bedroom at the foot of her bed to store extra throw blankets.

Another easy way to create that vintage look we are all going for is to use white washed picture frames for your favorite photos. White picture frames have a way of opening up the look of any wall, while the use of black picture frames makes things look sleek and more modern.

For those of you who need a little more COLOR and pazaz in your house, there are these great pieces from IndigoPearlStudio on Etsy. In her shop she has some colorful mirrors that can be used to brighten a room and open up a space.

We are always excited to have a reason to shop, and we love adding to the collections in our houses! Leave us a comment and tell us how you are living with your love of vintage inside your houses.


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing

P.S. Be on the lookout for a sneak peek video blog of our new storefront for the Grand Opening!