Fast Tip Wednesday: How to Wear Pearls


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Happy fast tip Wednesday dolls! We hope all of you are making it through the week OK, and we are here to bring you your mid-week break up with our fast tip!

This week we are telling you to dress up your outfits with pearls! Pearls are oftentimes thought of as matron like, or costume jewelry, we totally disagree. We love pearls as an everyday accessory. Our favorite type of pearls are layered pearl necklaces.

The above photo of the wonderful Coco Chanel, shows her rocking a little black dress with multiple strands of pearls. We love how you can take a classic one colored dress and break it up with the necklaces. Not only does it help in terms of accessorizing, but when you add the different strands of different length, you are adding dimension to your look. You can also play with larger sized pearls and smaller sizes for your layered affect.

Our second favorite way to wear pearls are with blouses or tees. A lot of times we are scared to pair more casual looks with someone as sophisticated as pearls, but it helps give your outfit a more polished look. I personally enjoying wearing a pearly necklace with my Hell Bunny Retro Top, a pair of shorts, and chucks. It is a fun way for me to take my laid back look to a more feminine level.

Another way you can wear your pearls are with jeans. I am sure many of you rock jean items, whether it be jean pants, jackets, or tops, most people own some sort of denim. By adding either a pearl bracelet or necklace you are able to turn your outfit into something that can be worn for an evening dinner date. The whole purpose behind using pearls is to make your outfit seem more put together and classy. It is an easy way to make a look that can be seen as too laid back to casual chic.

Our final way to wear pearls are as everyday stud earrings. Our buyer Rachel wears a pair of stud pearl earrings everyday to the office. She makes the look effortless. Every outfit that she wears they match with- which can we say, wearing gym clothes and wearing pearl earrings may not seem like it goes, but she makes it work somehow. If you are not sure if you want to start pairing pearl necklaces with everything, you can always start small with pearl earrings.

Take a chance this week, bust out those faux pearls you have and try and wear them in a new way. Be sure to send us some pictures on Instagram or Twitter if you do! We love to see you using our tips!

With Love,

Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing


Fast Tip Wednesday: Getting a Tattoo


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Happy Wednesday Dolls!!!!

We are FINALLY back with more fast tips for you! I just want to apologize for the delay in posts. Between planning a wedding and working, it has been hard to find the inspiration for our posts. But I promise you, I will be more on top of it from here on out!

This week’s post is for all of you rockabilly/retro lovers who DO NOT currently have any ink on you! Many men and women who find themselves entering this scene, will undoubtedly start seeing many individuals around them with multiple tattoos. Tattoos and rockabilly have a long standing history, which you can read about in our previous post.

Trust me, once you are around people with ink, you begin to want a tattoo yourself. So here are some tips to help you make this choice a little bit easier!

1.Think About It!

OK, this seems simple enough, but there are a few things you need to ask yourself: what do I want this to represent? This is permanent. You are getting this because you want to show the world something about who you are. So how are you choosing to symbolize that? A friend of mine once told me, “Draw your concept or phrase and tape it to a place you look everyday. If you can stand seeing it for 2 months straight, you know that you will not get tired of looking at it on your body.” This goes for placement of the tattoo. Many business are not open to visible tattoos, so is your ink going to be in a place that may lead to you not getting a job? You want to place it so that you can cover it if necessary.

Another thing is this, although some people may say they have a few tattoos they just got because they felt the need to get inked, these rarely end up being tattoos you LOVE. You don’t want to settle for some design out of a book. Make this a mark that means something to you.

2. Know Your Artist

Your best friend is in training to become a tattoo artist? Great, let them practice on someone else! When you finally have decided what you want to enshrine on your body do your research on local tattoo artists. Ask your friends about their tattoos. Look at the work that has been done. Are the lines clean and straight? Does the memorial picture really look like their dead grandma? Don’t be scared to pass on using an artist who’s work you aren’t impressed with seeing on a friend. The other thing is meet with this person once before sitting in their chair. You don’t want to go into this cold. I am not saying ask the person out for a beer, but go in and ask for a consultation. Tell them what you are thinking about. Show them the picture and really get a feel for them. Just because your friends or yelp like this person, they may not be a good fit for you. The artist will also tell you whether or not they can do the design you are asking for. You want someone who is going to be confident they can give you what you want. This also gives you a chance to see the place you will be getting your tattoo in. You want to be in a clean and sterile environment. The artists working should all have clean stations and be sanitizing their equipment.

3. Prepare for the Pain and Aftercare

No matter where you are getting your tattoo, it is going to hurt. Some people may have a higher pain tolerance than you, so just because your friend said when they tattooed their upper back it hurt the least out of all their other tattoos doesn’t mean it will be the same for you. Again, a friend of mine told me this, “If you have survived childbirth pains, this is bearable, but still no walk in the park.” I think of that every time I am thinking about getting ink. Can I handle that level of pain? Am I ready for it?

The other think you have to think about is the aftercare of your tattoo. This is now an open wound on your body. You are going to need to make sure to keep it clean and dry so that you are not getting it infected. There would be nothing worse than spending all that money and time to then get your tattoo infect. Listen to everything your artist tells you to do. Some of the most basic things are using UNSCENTED soap and lotion to treat your tattoo, as well as making sure that you are not picking at the scabbing, or putting sunscreen on your tattoo after when you know you will be outdoors for long periods of time.

These are just 3 basic steps we suggest to all of you who are thinking about taking the leap and getting your first tattoo. If you have a tattoo(s), please leave us a comment with any additional tips you can think of sharing with our fans.


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing

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Fast Tip Wednesday: 5 Essential Items to Vintage Living


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Happy Wednesday Dolls! Welcome to another posting of Fast Tips brought to you by your team at JBR Clothing!

This week we wanted to bring you the 5 essential items every retro/pin up woman should have in her possession!

1. Red Lips

Every vintage loving woman should own a red lipstick or lip liner to use! I never knew the difference that a wonderful red could make until recently. I always felt that red would overpower me, but it really doesn’t. I tried using red lipstick one day when I did a lighter look for my eyes, everyone I ran into that day complimented me on the look. They said the red really made my skin glow! I will never be without one now!

2. Good Eyeliner

Now I personally like to use the MAC eyeliner pots and use a thin brush to get my preferred look, but if you prefer a liquid I would suggest the Kat Von D line through Sephora. A good eyeliner is essential to being able to make sure you can create the cat eye look that is so popular for a retro look. With the eyeliner pot I am able to make the winged portion of my eye as thin or thick as I like.

3. Shapewear

OK, I know this is a subject matter most women don’t want to talk about, but there is no shame in it! When I find a dress that I really love, regardless of if it is a swing style or wiggle, I like to wear it with a good set of shapewear! There is something about having it on that not only makes me feel more comfortable in my dress, but it makes me love the way the outfit looks. I feel it really is that extra touch to connecting it with the past. I can’t imagine that many women left the house without their best shapewear on. Maybe that is just me.

4. One Pair of Round Toed Pumps

Regardless of what color you like for your shoes, you must have at least one pair of round toed pumps. While many other styles may come into season (the pointy look is coming back to the mainstream if you care) a round toed pump is classic. It will go with any outfit, I promise!

5. Bobby Pins

Any vintage/retro/pin up or rockabilly woman will tell you this, you will need to use bobby pins if you plan on getting a true vintage look. Of course, many women will say this is universal, and it can be, but retro women know the truth; I live by my bobby pins. Bobby pins allow me to make quick victory rolls, I can do pin curls if I choose, there are so many things that are open to me.

Of course, all of this would be including the perfect retro dress! If you already have a dress, all of these items are things you will need in your arsenal of goods to complete your look. These are the essentials to start your retro lifestyle!


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing

Fast Tip Wednesday: Polishing Patent Leather Pumps


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All right Dolls, it is that time of the week again, fast tip Wednesday!

This week we are bringing you one of our all time favorite tips; how to polish your patent leather pumps. Now ladies, I am not sure about all of you, but I LIVE in my patent leather heels. I have a pair of round toed pumps and a peep toe pump. They are my go to shoes.

Like any woman, the heels I love I wear the most frequently. Because of my love affair with patent leather, I am oftentimes left with shoes that get scuffed from my feet rubbing under my desk or walking.

I used to get so bummed out thinking that I would have to retire yet another pair of my favorites. What was worse was having to find a replacement pair that felt like the ones I had just given up (HA!). After going through this with three pairs of shoes I was lamenting to a girlfriend one day about my problems and she said to me, “Um, why haven’t you used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?”



How have I lived my life without knowing this!?!? This advice could not have come at a better time, my friend told me as I was preparing to take my engagement photos! I immediately went home and opened my cleaning closet to find a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Now for those of you who have never used one before, I would recommend cutting a small piece. These things really are magic! I only ever use a small piece when I am cleaning, so I used a piece that was roughly an inch to a half inch off the top of the eraser. I then followed the directions on the box for cleaning. I wet the erase and went to town on my heels!

In a matter of five minutes my heels looked fantastic! Most of the surface scuff marks had been removed and they looked close to new. I will say that if you have deep scuffs or areas that have been worn and are rough, this will not work. This is for basic surface marks. I use an old hand towel to dry off my shoes after I have finished using the magic eraser. I swear, they look so much better!

After having done this myself, I felt that I had to share this tip as one of our posts. I know there are a lot of women who could save a pair of shoes they think are looking a little sad.

As always, try it out at home and tell us how it works for you! We love to hear what you think of our tips!


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing

Magic in the Air


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We are t-minus 7 days from leaving for our trip to the Magic Trade Show. As always, we wanted to let you know that we will be hitting the Fashion Market searching for the best of all the latest styles from your favorite brands.

In order to better plan our trip, we wanted to give our fans the opportunity to tell us about any of the brands that you would love to see us carry. We can’t promise that we will carry them, but we will try and stop by and see what they have that may fit with our shop.

Magic is one of our favorite events to attend because we are able to meet with some of the designers and ask them personally about their lines. We are also able to see and touch the dresses. If there are certain brands we do carry that have specific pieces you are looking for make sure to leave us a comment and we will get you info on material and when they will be shipping to us.

Again, we are super excited so stay posted to the blog to see what we have in store.


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing

Fast Tip Wednesday: Lip Liner


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Hi Dolls, happy Wednesday to you all!

This week’s tip may be one of our fastest tips yet! Today we are bringing you lip liner as your lipstick!


OK, now this may seem like an old hat trick to many of you, but it was new to us here at HQ! We went to an all ladies dinner and while we were out we couldn’t help but notice one of our friend’s lipstick seemed to last all through dinner! When we asked her what she was using she said it was lip liner!!!!

She just finds the shade of red she loves and uses that to fill in her lips. She then coats it with either a Chapstick or a lip gloss and the color lasts up to three hours!


I did not believe it, so I had to test it myself. Sure enough it worked! Now mine didn’t last more than an hour and a half, but I drink a lot of water and rub my lips together out of habit.

I love this tip because lipstick can be pretty expensive and this is a good alternative. I also feel less upset if I lose a lip liner than losing a lip stick.

Try this tip out and tell us what you think! Or if you have done it before let us know your thoughts!


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing

Fast Tip Wednesday: 30 Second Victory Rolls


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Happy Wednesday Dolls! Today for our Fast Tip Wednesday, we are bringing you a 30 second victory roll tutorial!

We had to bring Super Kawaii Mama back for another hair tutorial! We love how simple and fast she makes everything for us. If you liked her last video we shared, you will need the same basic items: a brush, bobbie pins, a hair comb, and if you would like a hair tie, you will need that as well.

( SuperKawaiiMama)

This is seriously meant for women who are not as adept with their hair and styling it. I am still trying to perfect my victory rolls, and I felt like this was a great basic option until I can nail it. For me, there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to rock a hairstyle but not having the hand coordination to do it, this tutorial really helped alleviate that irritation.

Let us know what you think, is this something you can see yourself doing? Will you be like Super Kawaii Mama and wear this hairstyle to the gym?


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing

Fast Tip Wednesday: False Eyelashes


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All right dolls, it is that time of the week again, time for another Fast Tip Wednesday!

This week we wanted to focus on false eyelashes. Sometimes, when you want to go big for an event, false eyelashes are a way to amp up your vintage look! The only downfall is they can be really tricky to put on. We scoured the web to bring you two of our favorite videos to help you the next time you are attempting to put a set of falsies on.

( ArielHopeMakeUp)

We really liked this video because she really gives you the basic directions on how to put on falsies. I know when I was doing my research, I was surprised by some of the tips they give you! Believe it or not, I didn’t know you needed to cut the lashes!

We would like to add, when she says to wait until the glue is “tacky” it usually means give the glue 1-2 minutes to set. You want it to set on the lash and dry partially creating the “tackiness” that she talks about.

( AndreasChoice)

We added this video because we LOVE Andrea’s Choice on Youtube! We think she has great overall make-up tips. She did this video about vintage makeup, and while we love the look she created, the thing we loved the most was layering her falsies.

So again, false eyelashes are used to give you some extra drama, so for this you might want to buy a set of wider spaced lashes for the base layer, and then thicker lashes for the top. This will help to give you a very full eyelash look.

13970724The eyelashes we recommend are the Ardell lashes available at Target or most local drugstores. We love these because they are a great quality at an affordable price. We have worn ours up to three times and then thrown them out.

There are also the false eyelashes by MAC, which are extraordinary, but more expensive at $16 a set.

We hope you enjoyed our Fast Tip for the week. Let us know if you use this tip and how it works out for you!


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing